Will You Choose to Help Your Neighbors-in-Need?

“Without Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s Fellowship Program, I don’t know what would have become of me. After my parents’ and my husband’s illnesses and the cost of their medical care, I had very few options. The Fellowship Program literally saved my life. Now, I no longer spend my nights awake, wondering if I should buy food or medicine this month. Because of the generosity of many caring people, I now have a safe, secure future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” –Fellowship Recipient

At Westminster Canterbury Richmond, we know that people who experience financial need later in life are sadly forgotten, far too often. Imagine Edna, quoted above, who served her community, her family and her faith her entire life. For so many years, she was a caregiver, working as a nurse’s aide serving older adults. When hardship hit after her lifetime of giving, she had nowhere to turn.

There are thousands of seniors like Edna living nearby. They gave their lives to helping others. Now, when they need help most, they’re alone.
You’d be surprised to discover that you probably know several of these seniors, silently suffering. They were your teachers, clergy, caregivers, the neighbor who always helped you with the kids when there was an emergency. Their spirits of generosity far exceed their financial resources.
How much do their lives mean to you?

While there are many organizations in the Richmond area dedicated to serving our community, very few focus on seniors-in-need. That is why the confidential Fellowship Program is Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s cornerstone ministry. Our Fellowship Program is the heart and soul of our community and provides essential needs like housing, meals and life-saving medical care to approximately 110 low-income seniors each year. Seniors like Edna now have a secure future, thanks to the inspiring generosity of so many caring donors who give to the Fellowship Program.

As we enter this season of giving and thanksgiving, we invite you to be a hero who refuses to forget our silently suffering senior neighbors like Edna. Your help is crucial! Please join us in helping those who have given their entire lives and now need YOUR help.

With your gift, YOU:

…provide secure housing, meals and assistance with medical expenses to more than 100 seniors-in-need each year.

…guard against the devastating effects of social isolation

…give back to those who have given their entire lives to serving others

…preserve the dignity of those who are so often forgotten

Your inspiring generosity saves lives!

For more information or to give, please contact Jeanette Ucci at (804) 264-6204 or visit our website.

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