Will you support your neighbor–in-need?

Mary was widowed in her early 40s. She worked as a secretary until retirement so that she could provide for her children’s needs and education. She struggles to make ends meet on her tiny pension. Her home needs critical safety repairs and she can no longer afford all of her medications.

Howard owned his own small business. He raised his children and a grandchild. Despite financial hardships, he tithed all of his adult life. He lives with his children but his medical conditions mean he now needs a level of care they are unable to provide.

These two seniors-in-need are our neighbors in the greater Richmond community, whose lives could be changed by generous gifts to Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s Fellowship Fund.  Please help us say “yes” to their needs. 

Many older adults find themselves stranded on the road of life as they encounter the high cost of living and medical expenses. Your generosity provides security and peace of mind to these men and women, many of whom have led long lives of service to God and to their neighbors.

The Fellowship Program provides confidential financial assistance to seniors-in-need. Since 1975, Fellowship has provided over $70 million in assistance to more than 540 seniors in the form of housing, meals, help with medical expenses and access to Westminster Canterbury’s vital living.

Your donations do not go to a “far-away place.” You are helping to support your neighbors who have contributed their time and talents to enriching our community. A grateful recipient of Fellowship assistance described her gratitude: “Fellowship is a gift to my family, knowing that I will be taken care of.”

You are needed! Your gift will provide security and peace of mind to deserving seniors!

If you have not already made a gift to support the Fellowship Program, please consider joining our generous donors in giving to Fellowship.  You may give by check, credit card or securities transfer, or you can make a pledge to give by December 31, 2018.  For more information, please contact Jeanette Ucci at 804-264-6204 or visit www.wcrichmond.org/foundation.

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