You Are a Crucial Part of Her Story…

Many local seniors are struggling to find and maintain a safe, affordable and accessible place to call home. But you believe, like we do, that all seniors deserve to live with grace in a safe, healthy environment. Donors to Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program help seniors in need age with strength, dignity and purpose. Additionally, all Westminster Canterbury residents have the peace of mind of knowing they will never be asked to leave their home here due to an inability to pay through no fault of their own.

Consider Opal, who served her community throughout her life, but was left with few resources despite living frugally and saving all she could.

“Raising my children by myself was hard after my husband died so young, and it made saving for retirement nearly impossible. I learned about the Fellowship Program through volunteering. Living at Westminster Canterbury Richmond has changed my life forever. This is the answer to so many prayers!”

Together, we help ensure a secure future for Opal and more than 90 other low-income seniors every year. You help write a new chapter in their life story!

Please join us in supporting those seniors who depend on you with a gift to the Annual Fellowship Fund. We need your help by December 31, 2023!

Click here to learn about how donors change the lives of seniors in need.

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