You Make the Biggest Difference!

On this Giving Tuesday, we share a story of how you make the biggest difference at Westminster Canterbury Richmond.

Ten years ago someone very special came upon hard times. She and her husband had given their lives to helping others. They were missionaries who had accepted difficult assignments overseas. When they finally returned stateside to retire, their hearts were full from their experiences and the people they had loved. But their pocketbooks were close to empty. They coped as they always had. Then her husband suffered a stroke, leaving him seriously disabled. They needed help – and she willingly used most of their savings to provide him with the medical interventions he needed. When he died five years later, she was left with very little.

Their pastor found a ray of hope – Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program. “Impossible!” she exclaimed. “Just try!” counseled her pastor.

The miracle happened. Because of generous donors like you, she now calls Westminster Canterbury home. Imagine for a moment what living here means to her. She now has a safe place to live and nourishing meals to eat each day. Medical needs are met through life care. For the first time in years, she has security and peace of mind. She can experience all the vital living a place as amazing as Westminster Canterbury has to offer.

The founding decision to welcome neighbors-in-need influenced every decision at Westminster Canterbury. Compassion and excellence will always go hand-in-hand, in equal measure.

What else do your gifts make possible? Our healthcare and memory support therapies help residents heal – not just those who can afford it, but everyone. Our wellness offerings prevent disease and help residents recover from serious injury and illness – not just those who can afford it, but everyone. Our cultural arts offerings stimulate and inspire – not just those who can afford it, but everyone. Our spiritual care offerings are deep and nourishing for everyone. This is true love in action.

Your gifts make this happen. You give people a home. You help people remember. You help people heal. You bring people joy. You inspire creativity. YOU MAKE THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE.

Every year we strive to make sure these miracles continue. Your gifts help those who gave of their goodness throughout their lives. You can make a significant, life-changing difference by visiting to make a gift. Thank you so much!

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