Your Help is Needed Now…More Than Ever!

Now, perhaps more than ever, the health and wellbeing of seniors-in-need could be in jeopardy. Through Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program, more than 100 seniors-in-need know their futures are secure…but it was not always this way for them. Consider this letter we recently received from the daughter of a newer Westminster Canterbury Richmond resident.

“After Dad’s death, Mom was left with very little. My parents had given their entire lives to helping others. I became so worried about Mom being alone. The neighborhood where she lived had become unsafe. What if she fell? What repair would her aging home need next? What if she became seriously ill? Her financial situation was fragile. As much as I wanted to help, my income is small. Mom seemed so lonely, so isolated. I saw her health and her spirit decline. The worst part was, I knew Mom was worrying, too, but she never wanted to burden me.

Through the grace of God, a friend at church told me about Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program. Thanks to so many generous people, Mom is now in a thriving environment she calls home. These compassionate donors whom I’ve never met have given our family such peace of mind. They have literally saved Mom’s life!

I will always be a donor to the Fellowship Program. My small gift, added to the gifts of others, makes a huge difference in the lives of more than 100 seniors just like my mom, who are receiving help right now. We thank God each day for this incredible generosity.”

Security and safety should be the right of every senior…

YOUR inspiring generosity to the Fellowship Program saves lives!

YOU provide secure housing, meals and life-saving medical care.

YOU help keep our seniors safe in times of great uncertainty.

Security, safety and health are more important now than ever before. YOU can help our community with a generous gift to the Fellowship Program, a gift that helps us continue serving seniors-in-need at Westminster Canterbury…and reaching others who need our help.

For more information or to give, please contact Jeanette Ucci at (804) 264-6204 or visit our website

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