Counting and Sharing Our Blessings!

What a blessing it is to share a blessing with another person. This is a sure road to joy. Last week, Virginia Repertory Theatre performed The Wiz in Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s Sara Belle November Theater. What a show! What incredible talent! Happily, the joy of this performance was shared with many. Our own residents came from every part of campus, proving once again that live performances are powerful, beneficial experiences no matter your health situation at the time. Quite a few employees joined residents, and there were plenty of children and grandchildren enjoying the show. We also invited a number of our friends from Senior Connections to the performance!

Many of our employees volunteer with Senior Connections as part of Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s W•E•A•V•E (Workforce-Education-Assistance-Volunteerism-Engagement) program that encourages volunteerism. This part of W•E•A•V•E not only extends our Fellowship program for seniors-in-need so that we can help seniors beyond our walls live the best life possible – it has proven to be an inspiration to our employees, too. Our staff love helping others. Giving them an opportunity to do that through monthly Senior Connections Friendship Cafés and ramp building for seniors-in-need through a partnership with project: HOMES is just one of the innovative initiatives that make this an amazing place to work. It is for innovative thinking like this that Westminster Canterbury was recently honored with LeadingAge Virginia’s Workplace Excellence Award.

Our friends from Senior Connections loved every minute of The Wiz – rising to start the standing ovation at the end! Together we enjoyed great talent, remembered that there is value in many types of people (and animals) and agreed that there’s no place like home! So many people play an important part in making this place a very special place to live and work. Thank you for sharing our blessings!

“Reflect upon your present blessings – of which every man has many – not your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” Charles Dickens

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