COVID-19 Update-December 21, 2021

As we celebrate the holiday season, we offer a refresher on Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s current COVID-19-related guidelines. We are monitoring the situation in the broader community. Westminster Canterbury Richmond follows the latest guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Virginia Department of Health (VDH). These current guidelines are subject to change. Updates will be provided as needed.


We strive to be a fully vaccinated community, with exceptions for those with health or religious reasons that preclude them from being vaccinated. All employees are required to be fully vaccinated. Contractors working inside our buildings in contact with residents are required to be fully vaccinated. We encourage everyone who enters our community to be fully vaccinated and to receive a booster vaccination when eligible.


  • All visitors, including residents, to Mary Morton Parsons Health Center, Assisted Living, Rehab, the Clinic and the Child Development Center are required to always wear a mask.
  • Visitors to Independent Living are required to wear a mask in all public spaces on campus.
  • All employees and contractors are required to wear a mask at all times around others.
  • Residents are encouraged, though not required, to wear a mask. Residents who are exposed to someone positive for COVID-19 may be directed to wear a mask by clinical staff.


  • All visitors to Mary Morton Parsons Health Center and Assisted Living must be screened and sign visitation logs, including residents visiting from other areas of the community.
  • All employees and contractors must be screened prior to reporting to work.

Independent Living Visitors

  • Visitors are required to wear a mask in all public spaces on campus.
  • Visitors are encouraged to be fully vaccinated.
  • Visitors are welcome to join residents in our dining rooms, the Sara Belle November Theater, Pastoral Care events and more. This is subject to change in January.
  • Visitors to Independent Living only are not required to be screened at this time.
  • Visit only one household per visit to our community.


COVID-19 testing is available for all visitors who would like to take extra precautions before visiting a loved one. Please proceed to the screening station at the Avalon entrance to request a rapid test. This is also available to Independent Living visitors who are not required to be screened.

Mary Morton Parsons Health Center and Assisted Living

  • Based on guidance from VDH, as of September 1, visitors are not permitted in the dining rooms and recreation areas in Parsons Health Center and Assisted Living.
  • Visit only one household per visit to our community.

Follow the Core Principles of COVID-19 Infection Prevention

Henrico County remains at a high level of community transmission of COVID-19. CMS recommends that everyone should wear a mask in public, indoor settings. We also recommend that you follow these guidelines from the CDC: Be vaccinated for COVID-19 and get a booster shot when you are eligible. Avoid crowded spaces or spaces with poor ventilation or wear a mask in these spaces. Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer. Maintain social distancing of at least six feet. Stay home if you do not feel well and contact your physician. Avoid crowds. Follow CDC travel guidance. Follow quarantine guidance after exposure to someone with COVID-19.

Ongoing Updates

  • We encourage you to stay up to date with us online. Check the COVID-19 Update page and blog at
  • Westminster Canterbury Weekly is a live update that airs on our in-house TV970 station on Thursdays at 3 p.m. and other times as needed. Recordings are available on TV971 daily at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Summaries are available at Please tune in to hear the latest news. There will be no broadcast on December 23 and 30.
  • Read The Westminster Canterbury Tales.

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