FAQ Part II: 10 Answers About Daily Life at Westminster Canterbury Richmond

Interest in our Vibrancy! expansion is peaking, and senior adults are eager to know more about this exciting retirement living option coming to Richmond’s premier community. Their questions keep coming, and fortunately, so do our answers! If you missed part one of our FAQ guide, you can read it by clicking here.

This article, part two, features 10 more helpful answers on what you can expect to enjoy each day at these new, energetic neighborhoods. If the question you have isn’t answered below or in part one of our FAQ, our friendly, knowledgeable team can help! Just reach out by clicking here or call 877-277-9908.

1. Are all of the new apartments for Independent Living or will some of them be for Assisted Living?

All of the new apartments are designed for Independent Living. However, Westminster Canterbury Richmond has Assisted Living services available, which is part of the full continuum of care that is available to all members of the community.

2. If you are living in the new apartments, like the Vitality Apartments, for example, can you automatically be moved to Assisted Living in the original buildings?

Through a full continuum of care, all residents at Westminster Canterbury Richmond have access to Assisted Living if they ever need it. Vibrancy! and the other independent living options and wellness-focused features of our community are designed to keep everyone living independently for as long as possible.

3. Will dining options or restaurants be included within the new neighborhoods?

Dining at Westminster Canterbury Richmond is creative, healthy and simply delicious. Plus, our on-campus restaurants will be made even better while the new neighborhoods are built. The same architects working on the new neighborhoods are designing the updates for the on-campus restaurants. This is just one example of how we, as a not-for-profit organization, continue to reinvest in our community to make it better for everyone.

4. Are people of all faiths welcome at Westminster Canterbury Richmond?

Yes. Although founded by the Episcopal and Presbyterian churches, we are a nondenominational community open to all faiths, with a strong tradition of spirituality and service. Residents and visitors are welcome without regard to religious affiliation, race or orientation.

5. Will modern amenities like electric vehicle charging be available?

In planning this project, we aim to be responsive to the desires and needs of today’s senior adults. We have noted a demand for electric vehicle charging stations and other similar “smart” features, so planning is underway to incorporate them.

6. What is the pet policy?

Westminster Canterbury Richmond is a pet-friendly community. This will extend to the new neighborhoods, which will include lots of green space—especially near the Village Apartments—for pets and owners to enjoy.

7. Will private parking be available?

Yes, and the community has planned convenient, under-building parking to maintain open views and green space throughout the new neighborhoods. Additionally, the parking areas will include elevators that go directly to your apartment floor and bring you just steps from your front door.

8. I don’t want to downsize to the extreme. What storage will be available?

Each floor of each new building will include ample private, secure storage. You can bring your Christmas tree, luggage, bikes, golf clubs and more—and access them all without having to go to the parking area!

9. Will there be tennis and/or pickleball courts?

One of the many enhancements associated with the new residences at Vibrancy! is the brand-new Vital Living Center, which you can read more about in this blog. And that’s in addition to the existing fitness and wellness amenities here, which you can explore here.

10. What is planned for the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse by Cochrane Pond is being designed to serve as a social gathering place to boost the sense of community found throughout our campus. It’s where you’ll enjoy special occasions or everyday hangouts with neighbors who will become fast friends.

Bonus question: I’m interested; what’s my next step?

Make a Priority Deposit, of course! The best way to secure your place at our exciting community expansion is to place a fully refundable deposit. And if there’s a question not answered here, or an answer seen here that you would like us to explain in more detail, you can always contact us by clicking here or calling 877-277-9908. We look forward to hearing from you!

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