Happy Thanksgiving!

If we but look, blessings are visible. One blessing as we age is the realization that we need one another for none of us are truly and utterly “independent.” We need those who farm and those who cook. We need those who teach and those who continue to learn. We each have seasons of giving and seasons of receiving. We’ve learned the power of purpose and the balm of rest.  We’ve had moments to lead and moments to follow and have learned the joy of walking side-by-side on life’s journey.

Though blessings abound, Thanksgiving reminds us to look with intention and gratitude. We wish each of you time to look with fresh eyes and open hearts at the gifts that bless your life and the ways you bless the lives of others.

Ron Smith, Security Officer at Westminster Canterbury Richmond, lives a gratitude-filled life and knows the joy of blessing others. We hope Ron’s story is an inspiring way to start your Thanksgiving ponderings!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Westminster Canterbury Richmond!

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