Innovation Grants!

Our generous donors help us keep our promises.

Each year, the Westminster Canterbury Foundation Board of Trustees reviews the areas of greatest need on our campus and uses undesignated gifts from generous donors to fill those needs. These grants, focusing on developing and sustaining leadership and innovation, vary in amount, but all have a big impact on residents and staff. The generosity of our donors allows us to further realize our mission.

Here are a few of the areas receiving a grant:

  • More than forty additional therapy, exercise, and special programs will be added for residents in The Gables, Monticello and Mary Morton Parsons Health Center, greatly improving quality of life and care. Exercise classes lead to improvements in strength, flexibility, and range of motion, balance and cognitive abilities. Music therapies calm, soothe, energize and invoke positive memories. There will be a continuation of the Fall Prevention program.
  • Parsons Health Center developed an exceptional nurse preceptor program which includes mentorship by an experienced staff, a formal curriculum, in-depth training on customer service and familiarity with major processes throughout our health center. This program ensures that every new nurse is completely prepared when they accept their first independent assignments.
  • The Child Development Center’s new program, Conscious Discipline, will receive support to integrate social-emotional learning, school culture and discipline. Teachers build student success based on the internal resources of safety, connection, and problem solving instead of external rewards and punishments. The program fosters the emotional intelligence of the teachers and children through a school-wide workshop and education materials.

Many donors leave a gift to the Foundation in their will, through a life insurance policy or some other means. These unrestricted gifts continue the donor’s legacy and make a huge impact for years to come. If you would like to learn more about how you can support the Westminster Canterbury Richmond Innovation Grants, please contact Anita Adkins at 804.264.6202 or

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