Love Story Behind the Scenes

A lifetime performance of hard work and generosity.

Sara Belle and Neil November’s life together is an exquisite tapestry of giving, joy and love. Both come from a tradition of hard work and intentional generosity. Sara Belle’s father owned a successful building supply business, and he quietly funded many people’s law school and medical school tuitions through the years. Neil grew father Izzy November’s innovative men’s clothing manufacturing business into the third largest in the world, and with it grew his interest in philanthropy.

Neil has honored his wife, Sara Belle, by naming seven theaters throughout the Richmond area for her, including ours. His generous gifts are just another act in their love story, and a well-deserved recognition of her years performing with regional theater companies.

Together, they have engaged in a life of passion towards important and significant causes including helping establish the Richmond Holocaust Museum. The Sara Belle November Theater at Westminster Canterbury hosts more than 75 events throughout the year including the Richmond Symphony, Virginia Repertory Theatre, ballet companies, special concerts, unique Christmas celebrations and even local premieres of the international television hit Downton Abbey.

“If you’ve done enough for yourself and your family, you have a duty to give to others.” This quote from Neil’s father describes the couple’s love story on and off the stage.

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