Meet Two Forward-Thinking Future Members of Westminster Canterbury Richmond and Learn Why They Planned Ahead

It’s truly never too early to plan for a secure, enjoyable retirement lifestyle. By doing some research and making some modest decisions now, you can save yourself, your spouse and your loved ones lots of hassle and stress in the years ahead.

Plus, when considering communities like Westminster Canterbury Richmond, their in-demand nature among active individuals and couples like you means getting in line early is extremely wise. This is exactly why our Canterbury Club and Priority Club exist. These clubs are special waitlists for people who want to save their place here at Westminster Canterbury Richmond while receiving special early benefits of community membership.

We’re especially excited about the Priority Club for our upcoming Vibrancy! neighborhoods, which provides a fully refundable way to guarantee that you’re among the first to choose your brand-new residence. Whichever club you prefer, great possibilities abound.

To provide a more personal look at why so many people are proactively choosing Westminster Canterbury Richmond, we spoke with two individuals who currently reside in Richmond and are looking forward to the future here. Let’s get to know Jane and Rick!

Meet Jane: Keeping her options open

What ultimately led Jane to secure her future at Westminster Canterbury Richmond was one crucial element: trust. Through witnessing the experiences of her sister, her brother-in-law and her mother, Jane’s trust in us grew.

“My sister and brother-in-law live at the community now,” Jane said. “And my mother lived at a competitor of the community even though our initial hope was that she could live at Westminster Canterbury, too. Their experiences made it apparent to me that Westminster Canterbury was going to be my choice.”

So, Jane said it was a “no-brainer” when it came to joining the Canterbury Club and later the Priority Club as well.

“For a long time, I had heard that the waitlist there was lengthy, and it made no sense not to get on it. There was no downside since the deposit was refundable,” she said.

Now, as a member of both the Canterbury Club and the Priority Club for Vibrancy!, Jane is consciously keeping her options open.

“I’m eager to keep learning more about Vibrancy! as its plans come together,” she said. “I definitely want to keep that door open at this point. Right now, I’m more attached to the Courtyard Apartments, but it kind of depends on the timing of everything.”

No matter where she ends up at Westminster Canterbury Richmond, Jane is excited for her future here.

“There’s a real sense of friendliness and diversity,” she added. “There are opportunities to meet new people and a lot of activities. The theater program is outstanding. I like how the community provides transportation to local shops and events at the Forum, and I like the fact that it’s a Continuing Care Retirement Community. And the new fitness center will be the whole package.”

Adding to Jane’s trust in Westminster Canterbury Richmond is the quality of the interactions that she has had with our staff. So, when she’s ready to move, she knows she can count on our team to make it a pleasant experience.

“The staff is exceptional. Everyone is genuine and caring, not saccharine or sappy,” she said. “They have warm, kind-hearted people working there. It’s clear to me that Westminster Canterbury does everything they can to ensure as easy of a transition as possible.”

As for when she expects to move, “I think when it’s right, I’ll just do it!” she quipped.

Meet Rick: Impressively proactive

Rick F. and his partner truly believe in the “it’s never too early” mindset. And they live by it, too. That’s because when they joined the Canterbury Club in 2015, they were in their mid-50s!

You might think that’s really young; we just think it’s really proactive. Impressively so!

“The reason we started thinking about our future was that we have parents in their 80s and 90s, and I witnessed the amount of work that it requires to care for loved ones as they age,” Rick explained. “We don’t have kids to take care of us, so our big incentive was to get that reassurance for our future.”

Similar to Jane, Rick came to know Westminster Canterbury Richmond thanks to our reputation in the area and by knowing people who live here.

“We actually bought our current house from people who were moving to Westminster Canterbury,” he shared. “We know some friends who have moved there, and now that we’re only two minutes away, we go there to visit. It’s a great community with lots of fascinating people.”

So, when it came time to actually explore the community as a consideration for their future, Rick and his partner came away impressed.

“We met with Laurie [Hemler] and she gave us a fantastic tour,” he said. “We were bowled over. It’s a beautiful, gorgeous campus with great facilities, all impeccably clean.

“Plus, far and away, the people are spectacular,” he added. “I’m in awe of it; the caliber of the people there, so sincere, caring, outgoing. To a person, they’re just exceptional.”

The couple have also been able to get an impression of our community that goes far beyond the campus sights and interactions with our wonderful staff.

“As Canterbury Club members, we’ve participated in concerts and activities on campus, and the highlight each year is the annual reception for the waitlist when we can meet many of our future neighbors. We certainly bring down the average age a bit, but it’s a great experience!” Rick shared.

Like Rick, Westminster Canterbury Richmond has been thinking ahead, which is how he got an insider’s sneak peek at the Vibrancy! neighborhoods.

“I was invited to participate in the exploration sessions as the project was being planned,” he said. “It was really fascinating to be able to see Vibrancy! take shape, and it’s great that the leadership here is thinking forward, because we’re still many years from moving.”

Even so, Rick and his partner are excited by the possibilities for Vibrancy! and are looking forward to Living Life Well at our friendly community.

“It’s a big relief to be able to look toward retirement and know that we have a plan, and have a great location in the city that’s close to the things we like to do. That’s a big plus for us; it’s right here in the neighborhood that we’ve been living in for more than 20 years.”

We look forward to welcoming Jane and Rick to our community, where they already have a plan and a secure spot when they decide to make the move. And who knows, if you join the Canterbury Club or Priority Club, you could be neighbors! To get a head start on your future like these folks have, give us a call at 877-277-9908 today or click here.

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