Please Help Seniors Find Safety and Security

The impacts of COVID-19 have harmed too many seniors – their health and their finances. And so many more could be in jeopardy. Please join hundreds of generous donors to Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program, which helps approximately 100 seniors-in-need every year. A long-time donor to the Fellowship Program recently shared this perspective on why offering generous support has been a priority for so many years:

“In these uncertain times, I worry about my friends and neighbors. Are any of them living in fear each day, wondering how they will get by or if they will even be able to stay in their homes? I need to help. To be aging, with chronic health problems and limited resources, would be so scary.

“Now, more than ever, I want to help those facing these struggles. But I need to know I am helping seniors who need it most. I want to support an effort that really works. That is why I have been a loyal donor to Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program for more than a decade. I like how this program has helped seniors for 45 years.

“When I give, I know that about 100 seniors per year at Westminster Canterbury receive housing, three meals a day and the promise of care throughout their lives because of the Fellowship Program. My gifts, together with hundreds of others, change lives each year.”

Won’t you join us in making a difference to seniors-in-need?

Security, safety and health are more important now than ever before. YOU can help low-income seniors in our community with a generous gift to the Fellowship Program, a gift that helps us continue serving seniors-in-need at Westminster Canterbury…and reaching others who need our help.

Please help us turn fear and uncertainty into security, dignity and joy!

For more information or to give, please contact Westminster Canterbury Foundation (804) 264-6066 or visit Thank you for saving lives!

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