Summer Classes!

Lifelong learning provides social and cognitive benefits.

Westminster Canterbury Richmond residents regularly gathered over the summer to give their minds a workout with classes on everything from conversational French to writers addressing life’s final chapter. The case for lifelong learning has increased due to more and more research being published on the benefits of keeping your mind active.

As an innovator in senior living, we have a wealth of programs, lectures and activities for residents here at Westminster Canterbury. The summer classes added interactive, participatory instruction in fields that might be more academic, to complement the recreational and pastoral initiatives already in place.

“My goal has always been balance regarding the type of class and list of offerings. Also, I strive for an across-the-summer spread, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, evenly over the months, different days, some morning, some afternoon—so that theoretically someone who wanted to could participate in every single class,” says Ms. Ann Archer, program chair. “Each of our nine classes this year had its own subject and format.”

Originally the St. Catherine’s Seniors Summer Courses, which were short academic seminars for Westminster Canterbury residents and friends in addition to St. Catherine’s alumnae, the classes are now offered on-site at Westminster Canterbury. Ms. Archer was the program head for a decade but then teamed up with Whitney Worrell in 2014 to bring the program in-house. Residents are used for teachers as much as possible and courses are offered to residents and friends for free.

As word of the program has spread, so has enrollment. “This summer, over 250 participants enjoyed the subject variety, from language classes to political science and music. Different formats, including lecture, small group and seminar discussion groups, appealed to a variety of learning styles,” she says.

Westminster Canterbury Richmond offers an inviting array of cultural programs. If you are interested in funding opportunities, please contact Anita Adkins at 804.264.6202 or In addition, please let us know if you would like to be on the mailing list for the 2017 summer classes.

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