The Best! Five Reasons to Celebrate and Thank You!

Thanks to YOU, Westminster Canterbury Richmond was voted “The Best” by Richmond Magazine and Virginia Living magazine.  Winning these awards each year means so much because it lets us know that you see and value the work done here – the work that YOU, our generous donors and supporters make possible. It takes a village. We want to take a few minutes to thank all those of you who have made these awards and this place possible.  Here are a few ways we have worked together to achieve the Best results:

#1          Our Residents:  What an awesome group of people!  This is a neighbor-helping-neighbor community.  Our residents are an impressive lot, for sure – and in more ways than you may assume.  There are former and current CEOs, teachers, firefighters, pastors, Christian educators, professors, artists, caregivers, brokers, business developers, homemakers, doctors, photographers, lawyers, missionaries.  This is an amazing community of people who represent many points of view from whom we can be challenged and learn. This is a great place for great neighbors!

#2          Our Workforce:  Perhaps many would be surprised to know that Westminster Canterbury Richmond, and the field of senior services in general, includes a huge variety of professions.  We employ healthcare professionals, chefs, information technology experts, videographer, theater specialists, beauty salon artists, engineers, housekeepers, pastoral caregivers, teachers, dietician, cooks, sanitation experts, communication experts, caterers, transportation providers, recreation therapists, fitness and wellness professionals, security experts, a facility management team, laundry and cleaning providers, horticulturalists, human resource experts, philanthropy professionals, accounting and investment specialists, musicians and more!  This is a great place to work!

#3          Our Community:  Even during this time of COVID-19, our community has pulled together to ensure this is a great place to Live Life Well. Performances continue in our various gardens, or when weather interferes, live-streamed from our stage for all to enjoy.  Wellness classes provide a pathway to resilience in small group settings and via our in-house TV station. Our art and woodworking studios continue to offer beginning-to-expert classes.  Worship and spiritual support continue any many ways including televised services led by residents and staff. Recreational therapies in music, art, horticulture and exercise engage residents in Assisted Living areas so there is always something to do, enjoy and a way to interact.

#4          Our Healthcare:   Let’s face it – as we age, we know that healthcare matters.  Our nursing team is top-notch, dedicated and always striving to improve.  Donors have made proactive, ongoing training for our staff possible so that they are prepared to respond in challenging circumstances like these. Never has that been more important. Our beautiful, all private healthcare apartments provide so much more than a place to recover – this is a place to heal. 

#5          The Spirit of Generosity:  This is a community of generous, loving people.  Examples of generosity abound – from the way people treat one another to the ways both residents and staff give from their hearts, their spirits and their finances.  Not only does our Fellowship Program provide for residents who could not otherwise afford a healthy, dynamic retirement, but our Fellowship Outreach Program removes barriers to healthy aging in the greater Richmond area.  Our roots in faith, refreshed daily through a dynamic pastoral care and philanthropic approach, continue to deepen the spiritual lives of our community.  In turn, generosity fuels our interactions and our offerings.  This is a great place to make a difference!

Yes, we’re excited to be voted “The Best” But we know that it’s only possible because of you – our residents, staff, families and donors.  Thank you for your commitment to shining a light on what vital elderhood looks like.  Even now.

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