Toe-Tapping Fun!

Many of us enjoy attending a concert or play from time to time, and though we have a great time, we may not appreciate the benefits of attending live performances.  Yet, the advantages are many and they continue from childhood through our older years.

In fact, the National Institutes of Health cite that arts engagement for seniors improves memory, creativity, problem solving, everyday competence, reaction time, balance, gait and quality of life.  Live performances are engaging events that build a sense of togetherness and offer a chance to connect with fellow attendees and meet new people – an excellent antidote to social isolation, a particular risk for older adults.  Watching a live performance is thought-provoking; we can gain a deep appreciation of our own culture and learn about others. 

And of course, we all know watching live performances is often foot-tapping, stress-reducing, mood-enhancing fun! 

This is why we provide ongoing, high-quality live performances at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. These are available to everyone here, regardless of their health, cognitive or financial status. As our Sara Belle November Theater fills each week for another wonderful show, the sense of community is palpable.  Old friends and new greet each other enthusiastically and everyone is welcome.

Each quarter, we produce a Cultural and Education Booklet to feature the upcoming performances. This season, the variety includes the Capitol Steps, Richmond Ballet,  Nashville Avenue Stompers, the Susan Greenbaum Band and a Piano Festival – to name a few. If you have family here at Westminster Canterbury or are a member of our Canterbury Club, consider attending with your loved one or attending as our guest. 

The Richmond region is rich in cultural offerings, and it is more than worth it to consider how attending live cultural events will enhance your life!

Click here to explore our latest Cultural and Education Series booklet and let the toe-tapping fun begin!

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