FAQ: What’s the Difference Between a 55+ Community and a Life Care Community?

You’ve made a lot of important choices in your life: where to go to college, what career path to take, where to raise a family. You’ve gained wisdom while enjoying rich experiences along the way, and your hard work has allowed you to be in the position of having many possibilities for where your next step will take you. That next step—and what your retirement lifestyle entails—is another big choice.

Common considerations among your peers include understanding the differences among all the types of retirement communities. Here, we’ll help you discern the differences between two specific types so you can make an educated choice. So, let’s get right to it: What is the difference between a 55+ community and a Life Care community?

The basics

You’re probably familiar with 55+ communities and perhaps have already explored some while pondering that exciting next step. These are age-restricted communities that typically offer apartments or single-story homes to adults who want to live alongside those akin to them without the burdens of home ownership.

Like 55+ communities, Life Care communities also offer amenity-rich, maintenance-free lifestyles—but there’s so much more. Life Care communities provide enriching settings for gracefully and actively aging in place with their inspired independent living plus guaranteed access to on-site assisted living and higher levels of care, if ever needed.

Life Care communities are also referred to as Life Plan Communities or Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). Westminster Canterbury Richmond is a Life Care community, to which its new Vibrancy! neighborhoods will be a wonderful addition.

Digging deeper

The main difference between these two retirement options is the healthcare element. 55+ communities typically do not offer direct or guaranteed access to healthcare, making it likely that you or your spouse will have to move off campus if the need for those services should ever arise. Choosing a Life Care community removes that worry entirely.

These two retirement options include more than just healthcare. We think this is important to note because while we can’t overstate the value of a secure future, we know you want to enjoy the retirement lifestyle you’ve earned today.

Here are a few practical, everyday points to consider that differentiate Life Care communities from 55+ communities:

  • Life on a different level. The common amenity that draws people to a 55+ community is an on-site golf course, tennis court or large pool. Conversely, Life Care communities like Westminster Canterbury Richmond deliver a complete resort-like experience to the retirement lifestyle. What you find here will be enhanced even further thanks to our gourmet dining options; expert-led activities and programming to help you Live Life Well; plus, a fully equipped fitness and aquatic center.

  • True connections. People who choose Life Care communities like Westminster Canterbury Richmond have a home for life. This means you will have more opportunities to learn, teach, grow, contribute and genuinely connect with longtime friends. In fact, future members of our community are already forming these friendships and priceless connections before they even move in, and they’re excited to meet you too! By contrast, many 55+ communities operate on a rental basis, which leads to high turnover and neighbors often coming and going.

  • Purpose and promise. Many Life Care communities, Westminster Canterbury Richmond included, are not-for-profit organizations rooted in faith-based missions. What that means for you is the community exists to serve you, your family and team members rather than faraway shareholders or corporate management. This organizational structure gives you a voice, as members of Life Care communities collaborate with leadership on how to best serve the mission of the organization. And when it comes to daily life, there’s a highly involved resident council who helps further guide the community’s inspired lifestyle.

Finally, Life Care communities present an exceptional value. Because a Life Care community offers contract options that lock in a predictable cost of living, you never need to worry about the skyrocketing costs of healthcare. And we’ve done the math: The rental arrangements of 55+ communities that seem tempting at first tend to actually cost more in the long run.

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