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Summer Classes!

Lifelong learning provides social and cognitive benefits. Westminster Canterbury Richmond residents regularly gathered over the summer to give their minds a workout with classes on everything from conversational French to writers addressing life’s final chapter. The case for lifelong learning has increased due to more and more research being published on the benefits of keeping […]

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Getting Around!

Accessible transportation for seniors helps to keep them active and engaged. Westminster Canterbury Richmond residents have a lot of opportunities to attend events on and off campus. Our Transportation Department gives our seniors the mobility they might now lack to live an active, fun life filled with the events they have always enjoyed. Losing mobility […]

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Senior Plans!

Live life well as a senior through careful planning. As we age, many of us focus on developing an exercise routine, monitoring healthy eating habits and managing stress in hopes of slowing down the clock. While all of these ideas are appropriate and helpful, there are other considerations to ensure you live life well. Making […]

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Innovative Generosity

Small grants make a big difference in supporting our mission. Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s role as a leader in senior living is enhanced by grants for innovation and leadership, which are a further example of our goal to be mission-focused and people-centered. Gifts from generous donors help us honor our values and achieve our vision to […]

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Innovation Grants!

Our generous donors help us keep our promises. Each year, the Westminster Canterbury Foundation Board of Trustees reviews the areas of greatest need on our campus and uses undesignated gifts from generous donors to fill those needs. These grants, focusing on developing and sustaining leadership and innovation, vary in amount, but all have a big […]

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Stay Fit!

Tips for keeping in shape at any age. Exercising has developed the same connotation as eating your spinach. We know it is good for us, but we just don’t want to do it. Let’s change that. In study after study, statistics show that a sedentary life will reduce your mobility as you age and might […]

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Pet Therapy!

Our furry visitors are companions, friends and comforters. When volunteers bring a gaggle of tail-wagging dogs to Westminster Canterbury Richmond, the positive energy is palpable.  Residents, family and staff stop to pet and talk and smile at the joy on four paws.   Pet Therapy has become widely accepted throughout senior living communities, and you might […]

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Wave the Flag!

Our patriots celebrated American independence with tradition and fun. The American flag is raised daily at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. Red, white and blue can be seen snapping in the breeze on a windy morning or as an accent to a clear blue afternoon sky. The stars and stripes are a vibrant reminder of the American […]

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Our Fellowship Program

We invite you to help us, help others. Good financial decisions and frugal living are the bedrocks of responsible retirement planning. But even when you have done all you can, unexpected life circumstances often intervene, creating an uncertain future. Illness or a long life can make you come up short financially. People of faith founded […]

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Home Safety Tips!

Use light and assistive devices to keep you safe. We continue our focus on fall prevention with some simple measures from reviewing your medications to increasing your daily physical activities. According to the Mayo Clinic, fear of falling doesn’t have to rule your life when you put together a plan that emphasizes prevention. Here is […]

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