Our Star!

The star reminds us of God’s promise. Drivers whirling down Interstate 95 now have a holiday focal point to guide their travel. Last week, we continued a 38-year-old tradition by lighting the Advent star with a program that included music and poetry and prayer. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not […]

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We Gather.

Thanksgiving is a season of gratitude. Thanksgiving is a celebration of our values. It is a time to worship and praise God for our blessings. In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared a feast that for many years was considered the first Thanksgiving in the New World. Virginia historians credited Berkeley Plantation with […]

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We Remember

Our veterans inspire us every day. Our veterans are fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, husbands, wives, friends, but most of all; they are patriots. Over 100 of these dedicated men and women live here at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. Their story is America’s story. Currently, the Main Street Gallery is alive with red, white, blue and vintage […]

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Veterans Day

We thank you for your service. Sacrifice. Duty. Honor. These qualities embody the patriots in the American story. Each Veterans Day we salute the soldiers who served in order to protect and defend our Republic. But how did this national holiday begin? Veterans Day has its roots in the temporary cessation or armistice of the […]

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We Thank You!

The season of gratitude has arrived. Is it something about the change of the calendar from October to November that gives us a rush of gratitude? Perhaps it is the anticipation of Thanksgiving or the coming December holidays, all of which celebrate the love and joy of friends and family. We don’t say thank you […]

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Naming Gifts!

Honor your loved one with an everlasting gift. Sara Belle and Neil November’s life together is an exquisite tapestry of giving, joy and love. He honored his wife and life partner by naming our theater after her as an expression of his love and in recognition of her years performing with regional theatre companies. The […]

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Fall Craft Fair!

We invite you to shop for a cause. Delight everyone on your Christmas list with a handmade gift from Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s Fall Craft Fair. We plan to tempt you with a wide display of treasures created by residents, staff and community crafters. The holidays are closer than you think, so join us for a […]

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Giving Needs!

Your gifts offer hope and services to a senior-in-need. More than forty years ago, Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s founders made a commitment to excellence and compassion. Your continued support ensures that we can keep our promise that no Westminster Canterbury resident will ever be asked to leave due to an inability to pay through no fault […]

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Moving Tips!

Help a loved one move to senior living. We are all invested in the homes we live in. And for our senior friends and family, the attachment is even more intense. The thought of leaving the security and comfort of a longtime house or apartment can be emotionally devastating and uncomfortable. When the time comes […]

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Behind the Scenes!

Join us for a sneak peek at how our cultural arts programs are selected. Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s Theater Manager, Jessica Corbitt, orchestrates the selection and implementation of our Performing Arts Seasons with the same rhythm and precision as a cha-cha. She works closely with the Performing Arts Committee, made of resident arts lovers who preview […]

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